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Electric hybrid bike ideal for commuting


An electric hybrid bicycle is the perfect mode of transport to use to get to work. Such a bicycle is also one of the best options for recreational rides at the weekend or on vacation. The electric bicycle differs slightly from the electric hybrid bicycle. The hybrid bicycle has a lighter frame, is slightly sportier and has more difference in gears, making this bicycle ideal for going out into nature. Cycling over the heathland or through the woods with the wind in your face without having to pedal hard is a nice feeling. With electric hybrid bicycles, recreation in nature is always a pleasure, with any wind force. These bicycles are extremely suitable for people with a lesser condition or perhaps even a (medical) condition that makes cycling on a regular bicycle very difficult.
Electric hybrid bike

Electric hybrid bicycle in different types

You can order the electric hybrid bicycle in various colours, shapes and sizes. The frames are different for every bike and so is the look. Almost every bicycle can often be ordered in several colors, but that does not always have to be the case. An electric hybrid bicycle can shift smoothly and has an efficient power transmission. Due to the amount of types of electric hybrid bicycles, it can be useful to take a test drive. This way you know for sure that the bike suits you and that it rides comfortably for you. You should use a bicycle almost every day and especially when you get older it is nice if cycling gives you a pleasant feeling.

Buy this hybrid bike online

You can easily order an electric hybrid bicycle online. There you will see more information about the bicycles and you can view different types. This way you will learn a lot about which bicycles are available in a short time. Knowing this information makes it easy to make a choice online, but also to make a choice in the store. If you can’t figure it out yourself, an employee is available to help you make the right choice. Often things become more obvious when you ride a bicycle. It remains a personal feeling. However, the employee can give you advice about the features of each bicycle and how the bicycle is put together. This can be helpful when considering and help you make the choice.

Composing a Game PC: that’s how you do it!


If you live in the house with teenagers, sooner or later the demand for a gaming PC will arise. As a parent, you really can’t avoid that. For today’s teens, games online are the equivalent of hanging out on the street in the past. The entire social life of our teenagers takes place online. That takes some getting used to for us parents from a different generation. I myself had a lot of trouble with the idea that those games would ever come to my house. Don’t they incite violence? Won’t my kids become those weird nerds who don’t know how to deal with people in real life anymore? I’m sure I’m not the only parent with those kinds of questions. But I won’t be the only parent to notice that gaming prepares our youth for a life entirely focused on social media. The manners are different now, the club of friends is online and the games they play with each other too. You don’t want your child out there so well, what do you do? You consult with your son and he naturally wants to put together his own gaming PC so that he can join in with his friends. And you go along, because that is part of this time. So time for this important purchase.

Compiling Game PC: how do you do that?

My son wanted to build a gaming PC himself. He had already figured out what that would look like. I didn’t want to stop him, but of course the budget was not inexhaustible. Still, it turned out to be useful to rely on my son’s knowledge. He had, of course, been deeply engrossed in it for many months. The budget was my limit and within that he was allowed to put together his gaming PC. As a total layman, I asked him what he paid attention to when purchasing. My son explained that it is very important that you know which games you were going to play and what exactly you needed. He wanted more disk space and a larger working memory than usual. But there are plenty of other options you can choose from, such as a graphics card and a powerful processor. Not that I know what all this means, but my son explained it seamlessly.

just play

With my budget and his knowledge we started looking online and so my son put together his ideal gaming PC. He can now join his friends online again. But I also send him out every now and then. Being social on the computer is fun and important, but so is exercise and really meeting people. This is how the two generations come together again!

Garden furniture for spring and summer


The sun starts to shine again, all snow and frost has disappeared and the birds start chirping again in the morning. This can only mean one thing: Spring is coming. It is wonderful to catch the first rays of the sun of the year when you are outside. Of course, everyone prefers to do this in their own garden. Lying on a lounge set or perhaps a delicious dinner at the garden table. Many people can take the garden furniture from the previous summer out of the shed or remove the furniture from under the tarpaulin. But sometimes it is also time for new garden furniture or you may want to buy more garden furniture than you had last summer. This can of course be done in many places. There are many different suppliers of garden furniture. But where do you buy the best garden furniture?

Different garden tables

This is possible at Tuinland, for example. They have a lot of different garden furniture here. Including garden chairs, garden tables, picnic sets, parasols, garden cushions and many more items that can be useful in the garden. When looking for garden tables, there are of course many different types to be found. For example, there are small side tables where, for example, a plant can be placed or you can store things. The wooden lid is then two-piece. There are also somewhat higher side tables where, for example, a drink can be placed. This can of course be wonderful next to a lounge chair or even a lounge set. When you are reading a book in the sun, you can temporarily put your drink or book on the side table.

Large garden table

But in the summer people often eat in the garden. For example, when you are having a barbecue with friends or having a late dinner after a delicious dinner, it is of course wonderful if you have a large garden table where all the visitors can sit well. This can be very nice, especially when barbecuing, because there are often many sauces, salads or bowls of bread on the table. Then you need a little more space than usual. These large garden tables can also be purchased at Tuinland. These come with different types of material. There are large garden tables made of wood, aluminum or aluminum with a ceramic table top. There is a nice garden table or other garden furniture for everyone. This way everyone can prepare their garden for the summer again.

Level up during Christmas


The most wonderful time of the year is upon us again. I don’t always understand why it’s called that, I just think it’s very cold. But then I realize that we can all find this a good time for other reasons, so I always reserve this time of year to spend on myself. The weather is inclement so I prefer to stay inside and turn on the LED lighting. And what better way to get through the Christmas holidays than in a totally different world, full of magic and action. So games. In this blog I tell you how to level up during the holidays, without having to miss the fun. Are you reading along?

The latest games

With Christmas, the gifts always come into play. And this is the time to ask for a cool game. At this time of year there are always a lot of new games coming out for the exact reason that a lot of people are free around Christmas and can be played then. I can’t recommend a game now because everyone has a different preference or plays on a different platform, but if you have an idea of ​​what you think is cool, you can find something new on the internet with a few clicks on the button or let your friends or family invent something fun for you. Maybe they’ll come up with a breakthrough in your game life, with something you never thought of yourself.

Transform your set-up into Christmas atmosphere

Personally, I always find it very nice and funny to dress up my desk a bit with Christmas decorations. For example, I put a string of light in the background of my desk and there is a mini Christmas tree on the corner. There is also a green and red garland hanging around my gaming chair and the radio plays all the Christmas hits softly in the background. So I’m still in a festive mood, but it’s not too much.

Time for yourself

This way you have time to yourself during the holidays, but you can also combine gaming with family and friends. You could even game together! If you have a console that allows this, you create a relaxed Christmas Eve full of fun for everyone. Your game set up is in any case ready for Christmas so it can’t be that and before you know it you will be entering the new year with a higher level.

Going out in the city has changed


Right, you read it right. Going out isn’t what it used to be. This was already the case before the corona crisis, but the new one and a half meters of society has made it completely different when you want to go into the city to drink a beer or dance with your friends. Are you curious what is still possible in the one and a half meter society? Then read on quickly!


Before the pandemic took more hold on the inhabitants of the earth, it was the most natural thing in the world to go to the club every now and then to have a good time. Dancing, drinking, meeting new people, it was all there. Things are different these days, you definitely feel that when you live in the Randstad.

Many clubs have not been open since mid-March. This results in people having to do other things to let loose. Fortunately, this is also something that has a positive side. Something that used to be more and more common than ever in the cities is the use of drugs. For example, a speed addiction is soon lurking. Especially because this drug gives you the feeling that you can continue for a while. Now that there is less partying, it seems as if the use of this drug has decreased. This makes room for cozy drinks with friends on terraces!

Grab a terrace

And this is also different from what we are used to. It is now only possible to have a drink with your housemates on a terrace without having to make a reservation. Or well, you can sit on the terrace with people outside your household, but at a distance of one and a half meters from each other.

This may seem like a drawback, but it is of course done for your own safety. After all, it is important that, even in this new period of fighting the pandemic, we remain alert to the risks that coming too close together entails.

So also meeting up with friends as we know it has actually been completely given a new look. It brings people to new and creative ideas to seek out cosiness. This actually applies to both inside and outside the city. The only difference is that in the cities you see much more often that people flout the rules because the numbers are a bit more positive again. However, this is no reason to let your attention weaken. In short: stay safe, keep one and a half meters away. Also on the terrace.

Are you looking for a beautiful carpet tile?


Are you redecorating your home and are you looking for a new floor? Then a carpet tile might be something for you. With a carpet tile you can very easily give your home atmosphere. Your home should of course be a place where you feel comfortable and where you can feel at home. That is why it is so nice if the house you live in has a bit of atmosphere. So you can do this very easily by means of carpet. A tile is available in many different shapes and sizes. This means that everyone can find a beautiful tile that fits nicely with the rest of your interior. There are both tiles that fit nicely with a modern interior, but there are also tiles that look great with an industrial interior. Besides the fact that the tiles can be a very nice addition to your interior, the tile is also very easy to clean. It is of course so nice if your floor is a little clean.

Buy cheap carpet

It is of course beneficial for everyone if you can get something cheaper than usual. When you opt for residual carpet tiles, you are often a lot cheaper than usual. And that is of course good for everyone. The advantage of tiles is that they are very easy to lay. So you don’t have to be technical at all to lay these tiles. Because the tiles are so easy to lay, they are also very easy to remove. This can be very useful when you move house, for example. In addition, residual carpet tiles are often also very sound-absorbing. For example, if you live in a flat, it can be a very good idea to put a carpet in your home. And as mentioned in paragraph one, the tiles are also very easy to clean if there is a stain on them. And of course tiles are also very comfortable on the feet.

Which tile suits you best?

It is of course a bit difficult to say which tile suits you best. This depends, among other things, on how your house is decorated and what you find beautiful. Think, for example, of the material from which the carpet tiles are made. But you could also think of the different colors you can choose from. There are so many different carpet tiles stock that it is very difficult to say which tile suits you best.

A party at home


Unfortunately, festivals and other events are not included at the moment. If things go wrong, it can also take a very long time before we can visit our favorite festival or event. Fortunately, we are allowed to do more and more and we can still socialize a bit with each other. At a safe distance, we should bring our favorite festival home. It is therefore nice to throw a nice party at home when the weather is nice. There are a few things you should think about. Do you want to celebrate a party at home and do you need some inspiration for its implementation? I would be happy to tell you more about what you should not forget for a party at home. Curious about my blog? Then read on quickly!


Before throwing a party, don’t forget that we live in the Netherlands. It can be very bad weather for a few weeks in a row and then your party will be a lot less. It is also possible that good weather is predicted, but that the weather suddenly changes completely on the day itself. You have already made all purchases, so canceling the party is no longer an option. Fortunately, you can arrange something yourself to stay dry. It is easy for people in the North Brabant region to rent a party tent. Just type in ‘Party tent rental Eindhoven’ and before you know it you have dozens of options nearby. A party tent is not only useful for when it starts to rain, the party tent can also create a little bit of shade when it is very hot. If the weather is so bad that a party tent will no longer help, then there is no other option to move the party inside.

Good food and drink

A good party includes good food and drink. In these times we can’t spend our money on events, so we have money left over to tackle a party at home a little more luxuriously. Buy a few nice bottles of wine and instead of meat from the supermarket, buy meat at the butcher. You will see that the people at your party really appreciate this and your party will be talked about for a long time to come. Of course you don’t have to arrange all this on your own, you can also ask family, friends and acquaintances if they bring something themselves. The party is really a joint thing!

A hearing aid at a young age?


Hearing less well. It is an ailment that is very common in older people. But nowadays, unfortunately, many younger people come with hearing problems. In fact, it is becoming a very big problem. What is the cause of this?

Of course, many young people like to go to a party. They go to concerts, clubs and other parties. Very loud music is often played at these parties. The volumes of such parties are usually so high that they cause hearing damage. How do you know that you have suffered hearing damage? And how can you treat it, or better yet, prevent it? That is what we discuss in this article.

Recognize in time

Many young people have experienced it. They go to a club and come home after a night of partying with not only a hangover, but also an annoying ringing in their ears. In general, this beep will go away after a few hours. But if you have had such a ringing in your ears, you have in principle already suffered hearing damage. First of all, if you come home too often with such a beep, you will hear less well. But what can also happen is that this beep becomes permanent. Such ringing in the ears is of course very frustrating. Because many young people often go to clubs and parties, it can cause permanent hearing damage that will only get worse with age. As a result, hearing specialists increasingly see younger people coming for a hearing aid.


Prevention is of course always better than cure. The easiest way to prevent hearing damage from clubs and parties is to avoid going to these clubs and parties. But of course that’s not so much fun. Young people like to go for a walk. One of the best ways you can protect your hearing and still go out is by wearing earplugs. Of course it is true that you go out for the music. Earplugs seem to get in the way. But luckily there are now earplugs that are custom made and filter the sound in such a way that you can still hear the music fantastically but at the same time your ears are protected.

To deal with

The trouble with hearing damage is that it’s an insidious process, but once it’s done there’s no turning back. So there is no cure, but you can hear well again with a hearing aid. Some young people who need hearing aids don’t want it because it looks weird. This is of course very inconvenient because they continue to walk around with poorer hearing. Especially while nowadays there are many hearing aids that you barely see in your ears.

tips and trends when decorating the nursery


There is a small turnout. Super exciting and fun, or maybe you’re still a little nervous. You must be collecting stuff slowly. Diaper bags, pacifiers, stuffed animals and food. But how are you going to decorate the nursery? In this blog I give you the latest tips and trends in the field of nursery renovation.


In the past, when people chose the color of their nursery, they mainly chose pink or blue. An easy choice but boring. Fortunately, we now have a trend where we use a larger pallet to choose the color of the nursery.

For example, when choosing the color of the nursery, look at the psychological effects that colors evoke. Soft green is highly recommended. The color green creates a calm atmosphere and ensures that the brain functions more optimally. Beware of busy colors. This may not be conducive to the peace you want to create in the space.


When decorating the nursery, there are a number of basic furniture that you need to offer your little one the best. Of course we start with a baby bed. Your newborn child must be able to sleep well to stimulate development. There are several options you can choose from. Cribs, extendable beds. Please note that when you purchase a bed for your offspring, the bed is safe.

Chest of drawers

Unfortunately, changing diapers is also part of raising a child. So look for a good dresser. On a changing table you can easily and quickly change your child’s diaper. This ‘cot’ is therefore higher in length than a normal baby bed. Make sure that the length of the changing table matches the height at which you want to work. This way you prevent back problems.


You have a lot of freedom with wardrobes. Make sure the closet you choose has enough compartments and growing space for your child’s belongings. Children grow like weeds and the clothes will have to be changed often. When you have bought a wardrobe, mount it on the wall to make sure that the wardrobe is properly secured.


As soon as your child grows up slowly, make sure you have a playpen available where he or she has enough space to slowly discover the world. This will support development. Also look at a nice soft carpet. Note that many boxes are sold under the nom of ‘child safe’ although these boxes are often not safe.


When you are going to decorate the nursery, use different types of plants. Plants cleanse the air and provide a positive response to your child, both physically and mentally. There are many different types of plants. When you get a plant for the nursery, look for special oxygen-cleansing and easy plants. Once the little one is here, you really don’t have the time or inclination to give a plant much care.

Would you also like to receive tips about the best and most beautiful curtains? then take a look here!

My day


My routine starts early in the morning. My alarm goes off and I lay there for another five minutes. Then my second alarm goes off and I get out. I check my phone for messages to see if anything special has happened in the world. Then I go to the bathroom and take a shower. I get dressed and do my makeup and go downstairs. Then I grab a cup of coffee and make breakfast. I scroll around the internet for a while and then I go brush my teeth. I take the car and go to work.

Through the gray corridors

At work I walk through the long boring corridors. Then something strikes me. Everything can be a little nicer at the office. The hallways are dull with ugly bright lights. For example, I went to besled.nl to look at LED lamps. Here I found nice design lamps that fit well in the hallways. I thought that the corridors could also be given a nice color instead of gray. So I started working on that too.

To work

I started painting the walls with colleagues, this job was done quickly because we had enough colleagues who didn’t mind helping to make things a bit more pleasant. Then I went online with another team to look at those LED lamps. So different opinions emerged. Nobody wanted those warehouse-style lamps in the office, so we quickly deleted them. But there were nice lamps that could hang nicely on the wall. They also fit nicely with the new walls. So we immediately started ordering it. This was all very easy with the automated site. Pay easily with idea, paypal or credit card and you’re done. Then just wait for the delivery. Which, according to the site, will also arrive soon.

Being creative

After these chores I went back home. It was a productive day. I went to clean it was a mess and I still had to do the laundry. After that was all done I went to see what I would make for dinner. I didn’t have much left in my fridge. So that was shopping the next day. Now I just had to be creative with what I had. I had a little more chicken and pasta. I thought I’d make that and make my own red pesto and it should be fine.